Weeding and Spraying

Broadleaf weeds like dandelion, clover, thistle, creeping Charlie, spurge & wild violet is the most common in our local area. Weed seeds can be dormant in your soil for many years before finding the right time to germinate. Depending on your location, weather conditions and management practices these weeds can seem to be a constant problem. Hand digging weeds can be an effective cultural way to eliminate weeds in your landscape beds, but is often very difficult and ineffective in your lawn. Broadleaf weeds are most effectively controlled with a post emergent broadleaf herbicide application at a time when they are most actively growing.

Grassy weeds can be very frustrating to understand, identify, or eliminate from your lawn. The most common is crabgrass which can be very aggressive once established. Crabgrass can be controlled with a pre-emergent herbicide applied in the Spring. It can also be controlled with a post-emergent herbicide if caught early enough. Other grassy weeds include Tall Fescue, Foxtail, Yellow Nutsedge, and Quackgrass. These grassy weeds are more difficult to eliminate, require a specialty herbicide or roundup (glyphosate) and usually require a lawn renovation plan.

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